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Why Be More Childlike

When you watch a young child draw, you understand that
anything can be created and people are often bigger than houses.
Be more childlike. – Vince Palko


Do you know people by the time kids are 10 they have lost 50%
of their creativity.

By the time they are adults their creativity is practically
squelched right out of them.

People with zero creativity are at the whim of the world.
They have to be led through life not truly having a
unique thought or idea to generate a new income, new experiences
and really, a new life.

I have been blessed in that I have kept my childlike
creativity through the years using illustration as the conduit.

This conduit keeps my brain pumping with fresh ideas
and solutions to put into action. Drawing also gives
me the ability to manifest instantly what I want both
in the form of a 2D drawing but also in the physical
world. Strange I know, but  I have sample upon sample of stories here
to prove it:

The most profound is leaving the corporate world
to set out and live my dream of running my own business.
In an economy in which some say is the worst since
the Great … you know what.

Now you may be saying so what.

Well, what if you had the wonder and confidence of
achild to create whatever your heart desired.

What if you felt there was no hill to big to climb.

You would go much further and achieve more.
Wouldnt you agree.

If you are someone who wants to live a more
fulfilled life and not be tied to a boss for your
next meal ticket, then you need to be in my Success Club.

The tools I give you each month open
your mind and connect the dots to let you know
any dream of yours is possible to achieve.

No matter how big the dream, or outlandish.

When you come to the realization that you
are the sole creator in your magical world
a certain nirvana is reached.

Part of my personal vision is to share that self satisfaction with readers like you,
vince.  Run to:


Vince Palko

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