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Why Have a Plan and A Backup Plan

Everyone needs a plan.

A plan to attack the day.

A plan to get things done.

A plan for the future.

And most definitely a plan for your fitness.

Sometimes those plans have to be changed.

But you need a plan.

This AM I jogged over to a large field where high school kids
practice and play sports. The same field LB Fitness was filmed.

Yes, I likes to hit the field come mid-day. The sun is bright
and the breeze is a blowin. Who wants to be cooped up in
a gym on a gorgeous day outside. BTW, I feel the same about rainy
days. Out vs. in is top preference.

So I took to the field in the middle of the track warming
up with some 100 yrd striders. Then I was all set to blast through
a body blitz routine – straight out of my new course.

A couple of cats in a golf cart waited as I made my way
to their end of the field.

“Hey uh, sir, can you please jog on the track or off on
one of the practice fields,” they asked me.

Me not being a confrontational person and someone
who always has a plan AND a backup plan, I gave ‘em a thumbs up.

I took my game to the bleachers. Sideways linebacker shuffles
up and down the 14 seats. All the way down one side of the stadium
stairs and then I walked back. The process began all over again.
This one works your hip flexers and core as well
as your legs and calves.

Then I got on the warm rubber track and did about
5 minutes of monkey rolls. This exercise alone will make your shoulders
and arms rock hard. Not to mention your core and legs.

I finished up with a quick “Linebacker” stance for meditation
and recoup.

5 Lombardi’s and I was ready for a bear crawl off the practice field.

All exercises taught in my new course that makes men
and women – stronger, leaner and a whole lot mean-ah. Okay, maybe not
meaner… but a whole lot tougher and grounded – ready to
handle life’s curve balls.

Every single body part was hit in a matter of 20 minutes.

If you too want to take advantage of this new Body Blitz course one

that you can mix and match into any routine — make sure
to grab these DVDs and bonuses as they are one by one
getting snagged up.

And remember, the prize goes to those with a plan
and a backup plan.

All for now, gotz to go run and tackle my mail
carrier for being a little late today. BLAMMO!


Vincent Palko

P.S. If you want a PLAN for getting more things done…
so you can spend more time outside relaxing … then VISIT

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