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Why I’m Going to Do Drugs

You know what pisses me off.

I’ll tell ya.

Pull up your footrest and kick back for a spell.

There is a local “celebrity” in town developing
his own TV show being filmed on one of the cable channels.

This so called ‘celeb’ used to be a drug addict. The addict kicked
the habit and has been racing triathlons and other LD races ever since.

So now they are making a reality show out of it.
Yeah, that’s all we need is another reality show.
Or should I say UNreality show.

So this unreality show is coming out.
Plus, this cat gets all kinds of local publicity
and is asked to speak to local groups.

Bull crap.

Now, I know why cable wants him. It’s a compelling story.

But why hire him to speak. What organization would hire
that bum.

Here is my issue with the x-druggie. Simply put what about the people who never get addicted to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, chocolate, coffee, colas, chewing tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, and so on.  People who fly the straight and narrow.
These are the heroes.

Please dont send me an email saying I’m an elitist. I’m not.
I work on balance all the time. I have a ‘problem’ with
playing all day.  The equivalent to what most people call ‘work.’

However i am a realist.  And wouldn’t you want to hear what
people whos only addiction is – pushing themselves everyday, or accomplishing
task after task – without tokin up in the afternoon and telling you how to lead your life.  These same people have been exposed to these vices just as much
as the typical addict, yet have found a way to ignore them.

Wouldn’t you want to be around THESE people and let their essence
rub off on you? Wouldn’t you want to see how they lead
their lives on a daily basis? Wouldn’t you want to hear
their opinion on how to make a better world.

No, let the former drug addict speak because he turned his
life around. Well, guess what. Give the former addict
money to fuel his ego with a TV show and watch how
his chance for relapse spikes.

So I guess I’m going to take drugs. Maybe start with some reefer and
then jump into to heroin, maybe slip some angel dust and then wait a
while a few months and kick the addiction. I’ll have a compelling story to sell
and be asked to share my experience with the world. Think of how
many more people I can reach.

Actually, not really. I like my life the way it is.  You might say I’m
high on what life serves me everyday – challenges and all.
And if you want this same outlook – even in a rough
economy – follow me on over to my Success Club.

Get a slice of my essence every month wherein I share how
to prepare your mind and body everyday
for a non-addictive, life enhancing experience.

One where you are discovering your true essence
to live your dreams to the fullest.

If you are still reading – you are compelled at the
thought and need to follow me on over to:

Go there NOW and I’ll see you in this months edition with an
amazing natural nature exercises sure to connect you to
source power for unbelievable strength and endurance.

You won’t be disappointed.


Vince Palko
The Non-Drug Addict, Life Achiever
Who Has Something to Say

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