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Why Jumping Rope Smokes Running

Most people think that the only way to get super fit
is to run for hours upon hours and watch every morsel
that meets their lips.

You have to know this- your body vs the pavement; the
pavement will WIN every time.

Even so, some still choose to run long distance. This is good for some.
But for those who want to keep their bodies
FIT while avoiding the ‘Skeletor’ look (most LD runners get over time),
Jumping Rope is the answer.
You’ll shed weight quicker and with a lot LESS
knee and ankle joint pain when you include
just a small sample of exercises from
Linebacker Fitness.

Got an email from a client enjoying Linebacker Fitness.
Here’s what he has to say…

‘Since getting your program Vince my energy levels are higher than ever,
fat is rapidly leaving my body and my knees and ankles feel fresh
after a workout. No more running senseless miles and feeling
exhausted all day afterwards.
Thanks for the great product and let me know when you launch
another winner like Linebacker Fitness! I’ll be first in line!’

Chris Chada

VP’s response:
Chris, you made my day. Keep up the fine work.
You know you have a winner when you have a fat frying workout
without all the joint pain. It’s almost like having your cake and eating it too.
Plus you’ll save valuable time (to read and catch up on your hobbies) because 10 minutes with the rope
beats 30 minutes of running.

Who doesn’t want a more effective, faster session to whip up the fat into a warm lather and shed it like a snake does its skin in the hot desert sand.

It impossible for your body to take a beating like you do running when you follow my particular instructions on the proper jump as to not injure yourself.

Be like Chris and K.O. the fat from your frame in the “fifth” (minute). And if you are feeling froggy and want to JUMP — add an additional five minutes for the ultimate routine.

Count ‘em ten total minutes – that’s it. And then you ARE done.
Done I say.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

Ps. Visit my main catalog site for other life changing goodies. Go to Vince NOW

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