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Why Junk Food is Good

This morning I went to Sophia’s kindergarten
graduation. If you ask me, its odd that they
make a big deal out of this but, hey, I just go with the flow.

Next thing you know we’ll have weekly graduation
ceremonies or one for every grade level.

Anyway, afterwards we celebrated in the mess hall.
That’s really the cafeteria at the school. There were
a bunch of parents and kiddies running ’round dressed
up in their Sunday’s best.

And V-daddy was pretty proud.
Check our photo on my Blog.

I indulged at the snack table a bit too much though. Oops.
A donut, a couple cookies, and a glass of fruit punch…
And I could not find a trash can in near proximity,
so I finished off Viv’s donut and … uh… well Georgia’s too.


Now, you will hear from time to time from
so called fitness experts to stay the heck away
from sweet treats.

I never get up in arms over eating this kind of food.

Reason is, if I eat a few extra snacky snacks …
man, something inside says – “Vince you gotz to hit it extra harder
today. ” So I will exercise a little longer — do several extra sets
and/or spin the rope for several extra revolutions before
I call it a day. Tis an automatic mechanism that just clicks
in ME noggin.

Now, if you think these fitness experts never give in to a little
extra sumthin, sumthin… think again.

If they do wipe out all sweet treats or junk I assure you they
make up for it in another area — like drinking a bit too
much booze or some other unhealthy habit.

I have a friend who told me that he was in a slump
exercising. One night he wuffed-down a whole bag of
potato chips. Once done, he said, “NO MORE.”
The next day he went out and got back on his exercise routine.

And has been going ever since. So the junk food
was part of his catalyst for change. Whats gonna be yours?
I am not suggesting to eat a large bag of chips… everyone is different.
And has different motivating factors. Yours could be
more of a positive nature – in that you like having energy,
you like the way your fit body slides into your clothes.

Both ways work – you just need to figure out which way
motivates you more.

And circling back around to my main point, dont beat yourself up for
a Ghee-Dunk (Dad’s old Navy term for snacks) or two…
just rev the gas pedal so that the engine burns a little hotter.

Because when you are moving constantly,
you burn off these extra calories as soon as you
hold these treats to your mouth.

Zip…. gone… bye, bye.

I have several amazing courses that will rev your engine and burn that
fat fast, check out:

- Super Body Blitz – Brand NEW
- Linebacker Fitness
- Triple Your Endurance
- Combat Conditioning – Goal Trackers
- Triathlete Endurance

Pick one, and let’s get a move on.

Push On,

Vincent Palko

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