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Why Looks Count

This may ruffle a few feathers but thats good.

Got an email from a so called fitness expert
who in his note said, “for me, fitness these days
is not about looks its about longevity.”


Maybe this guy was trying to appeal
to the masses who think its not about
looks its about what’s inside — ala 3rd grade Ms. Harry’s instruction.

Not about looks – huh.  I beg to differ.

Here’s what I mean.  There is a reason
why the military makes the men and women
who serve – shine their shoes to the nine
and always clean and press their dress attire sharply.

Perhaps they prescribe to the same
mindset I developed before taking to the gridiron:
You look good, you feel good, you play good.

There are countless examples of how
your appearance raises your level of performance.
It changes the way you think of yourself.
And it changes the way others think of you as well.
This is unfortunate but true that others judge you
based on your appearance.

Zig Ziglar, the ultimate sales coach, on
the topic of appearance says, “Those that dress up go up.”
He was referring to their self esteem and their success.

My college coach never wanted our jerseys untucked.
Or to have sloppy uniforms in any way.
So the mother of the equipment manager
sowed up the bottoms of the jerseys -
to waist length – without us having to think
if they were tucked in or not.

Each week, the helmets were shined and cleaned
and new decals applied – if needed.

And its the same with physical appearance.
I always feel better about myself, which in turn
impacts those around me – when I am exercising.

Now you dont have to have a fake celebrity appearance.
That’s not what I am talking about.  I have a “honker”
bigger than anyone’s out there. Most of those pretty boys and girls
have had countless surgeries to get like that.

What I am talking about is improving your
physical appearance with where you are and
what you have right now.  Things you are capable
of controlling — like your weight and your physique.

When you improve in these areas your self esteem skyrockets.

I dont exercise to bend pipes, tear phone books
or break any weight lifting record.  Not that there’s anything
wrong with that.  Just not my bag.

I exercise to improve my mental mind power and focus.
And also to feel and look good.  There is nothing like
the high you receive when you rinse of the sweat and grime from
an excellent workout – leaving the shower feeling
refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the day.

And there is nothing better than liking the way
you look.  This is often a sign of a positive self image.

So exercise to look good, feel good and play good, my friend!

Push On,

Vincent Palko

P.S. If you want a resource that lights up light-up the love handles,
sands away the cellulite and gobbles up the turkey neck
with half a dozen easy to perform exercises and drills
then GO HERE NOW — Super Exercise Drills.

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One Response to “Why Looks Count”

  1. Becky Says:

    great, motivating email (AS USUAL) Vincent! And more importantly, it is all true. I like the way you clarified that it is about shining up the real “you” – not trying to be all cookie cutter fake plastic look good, but looking good down to the bones. Thank you! Every day YOU help me to stay focused on looking good inside and out, and you help me stay focused on how much FUN the journey is. You also remind me that training is never a straight line, there are ups and downs, ailments and injuries, but always worth the fight. I just spent a good while in a wheelchair from being blitzed head-on by a drunk driver, and your emails and posts and products are helping me fight back. Even though you were all pro, you write so that your customers don’t have to be to make great gains. The way you tailor your courses make it possible for a super athlete to better themselves, and people like me that are starting over physically can benefit, too.

    And you seem like you give 100% to your kids, and that deserves much respect. You make the world a better place. Thank you!

    Many blessings!

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