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Why People Eat and Eat

This weekend billions of people
will tune into the Super Bowl
and stuff their faces with all kinds of crappy food
and other assorted ‘Ghe-dunks’ (term for snacks
Dad brought back from the Navy).

And they will do this until they sit stuffed, tired
and sleep through the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Have you ever wondered why people do this.

I have and I used to be one of em. More on that later.

I remember being on the phone earlier
this year tunin into a big sports even.

And the person on the other line asked,
“What are you snackin on.”

I said, “nothing.” Instantly I felt the urge
to run and grab something.

Imagine that – just watching the event
without snacking.  They could not believe it.

This friends question and my reaction
is a perfect example of one of the many
reasons people eat.

And it aint always because you are hungry.

A perfect example is when my kids eat a full meal and
may times immediately following ask, “Im hungry Dad — can I have something to eat’

Now how can this be? This also is another
perfect example of Why People Eat and It Aint Always
Cause Your Hungry.

Knowing why you eat comes only out of tracking
your diet for an extended period of time, like I have.

And now I want to share these secrets so
you dont have to track and count your diet.
Once you learn these
you’ll be better able to make smarter healthier
decisions about your health.

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a copy of this amazing piece of information:

In the mean time, thanks to all you Steeler fans who
sent me your emails telling me I am wrong. No its not because
I’m a Browns fan.

The Steelers are tough. No doubt.
But they are missing two important items important for
any victory. The Cards have a leader and an outstanding
athlete who is connected to spirit,
like Mr Komeback Kurt. Its like Bruce the Almighty playing for your team.

Take this and combine it with the fact
everyone has wrote the Cards off all year and
the Iron City folks have their work cut
out for them.  This is more than an underdog battle cry… its a face held
in doo, doo way too long that is going to come out
and fight, fight, fight to the bitter end.  Watch up baby.

Go Cards, beat the tar out of the Steelers.


Vince Palko

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