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Why Tim Tebow Won

“Act as if the whole world is watching you…”

I read that recently in some publication.

And it speaks to the kind of character
successful people have to prescribe to.
Mostly because the whole world IS watching them.
But what about you and me.

When no one is watching you… how do you handle
yourself.  And in particular are you excited or drained
as you flow through the day. More on that in a bit.


Before I head off for a workout… I wanted to jot down
some quick thoughts on last nights SuperBowl of college
football.  So please excuse the extra dose of typos.

Pretty incredible game between two excellent coaches
and squads.

I caught some of the pregame segments. I like
watching behind the scenes action as two teams prepare
their minds.

One thing that impressed me about  Tim Tebow,
Florida’s quarterback, was one key component leadership skill.

Beyond being a standout athlete, this one item is something
we mere mortals have the ability to tap into.

And no its not wearing John 3:16 on your ‘eye black’
and starting your day.

Its not his crew cut hair do…

Its not his large stature.

It IS his unwavering enthusiasm and zest for life.

He are three examples:

1) Before the game, cameras showed him patting every player on
the back in warm-ups as they stretched.

2) He danced on thin air as he did his Morning Glory
exercises- like energy buzzed through his bones.
Side note: these same exercises are also taught in my course, The Super Body Blitz.  Yes, many ball clubs do these exercises as well.

3) After big play moments in the game he vigorously celebrated.

These are just three I noticed – you could probably add some
of your own.

This was the only factor that separated him from Tom Bradford, the Sooners
QB, that night.  Both are fantastic athletes overflowing with talent and skill. And Tim’s noticeable difference in excitement and energy was the difference in the game.

Why is it.

Enthusiasm is a powerful quality to possess.
Reason is, it rubs off on those around you…players, coaches, fans and even news casters. So now there are about 80 Tim Tebows running around the field knocking people over and popping up afterevery play. Anyone who has played the sport can tell you this demoralizes an opponent.

Tim lit up the whole stadium with energy.  And you could see it happening
soon as the cameras followed him into the stadium.

When you are excited to start each day fresh and new
good things come to you.  So add a bit of pep to your step
and a bit of swagger to your strut…. and watch how
today changes for you.

Do it starting NOW.

Feeling Kinda Zesty,

Vince Palko

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