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Why Video Games Are Awesome

Everyone wants to talk about how BAD video
games are for young kids.

They will wind up brain dead if they play too long.
Words like, detrimental, also surface.

Here is one case where they are not, my friend.

Last Thursday I went back to speak to my high school football
team around the Power of Mental Preparation for Peak Performanceâ„¢.

The talk kicked off a summer tour I am making to high schools on
the topic. A local school in my hometown
(This Thursday) is the next stop on the Palkoholic tour bus.

Anyway, when I went back to
St. Vincent – St. Mary (Yes, the school Lebron graduated from)
I had a chance to talk with one of my old coaches.

We spoke before I went on stage. I shared with him some of
the juice I would present to the kids.

I told him about some of the techniques I’d practice the week prior to
a game throughout my career.
Relaxing my mind and playing highlights of the game to come
back and forth like I was watching ESPN.
‘Cept the entire show was centered around
my performance; Slow motion replays, fast forwards,
cool graphic intros and the works.

And as a result, come game time, good things happened week in and week out.
Because my mind wouldnt have to think, only react.
And when youget your mind and body connected like that–
aint nuthin standin in your way.

Coach then talked about how he would do the same. He’d visualize
a big hit back when he played. “I would stay awake at night
dreaming about it,” he remembered.

“However,” he said, “Kids these days are different.”

“Their form of relaxing involves John Madden football
and other video games. And iPods and so on.
And there minds seem NOT to get quie4t and still.”

Although, interesting info on my audience that I never really knew,
I didnt change up my talk for that day. I still shared stories
on the power of visualization and what made this slow,
thin-legged linebacker a champion.

At one point in my talk I even said to put the video games down
and reflect on the kind of player they wanted to be. Get in touch with
the mental side of the game.

The kids listened. Some took notes. And many came up afterwards
along with coaches thanking me for coming.

But this week will be different– I wont fight the stream’s current but
go with it. I wont tell them to stop playing in order to prepare for
the game.

Simply when they play– visualize themselves with the highest energy
level, speed and power — whichever pro-player that is — and see themselves
doing the same on the real field of play every Friday Night under the lights.

Here is why I think video games are spectacular for mental preparation
for any sport including martial arts:

1) Games are played in 3D environments — this is great because
you use a different parts of your brain
to move around in that environment. Kids excel at this — now its a matter of bridging
the 3D synthetic setting to quiet time rehearsing this in their mind.

2) You can view the scene as an observer. Just like watching replays of previous
highlights from practices and games shot from the press box.
Once you have this eye-in-the-sky perspective
its much easier to visualize the scene unfolding
in your imagination.

3) You are also the creator. When you move your controller – your player follows
your instruction and hand movements. If you are simply
an observer — and watch the scene – you will not be successful.
However, when you are in control and move the players
around the scene — you are in what I call
the “Imagination driver’s seat.” You are in TOTAL CONTROL.

An aside one thing I tell teh kids is no one can tell them
their imagination sessions are wrong. The coach wont be on your ass
hollering to RUN THE PLAY AGAIN. Your girlfriend wont roll her eyes saying,
“Youre doing WHAT again>?

YOU are in control. Nobody else.

4) Lastly, emotionalize it. When the kids make a big hit or score
a touchdown, typically, a teenager goes berserk — cheering up and down…
My nephews are big time into John Madden’s football game and are engrossed in
the outcome of the game. There is a lot of trash talking and high energy in
each game played. To the point where other people stand around watching.

And when you apply the same emotions to
your meditations this enhances your experience and increases your chances
of getting the prize you desire.

Video games are an awesome tool to set the stage for your
imagination sessions.

Now what I just outlined can be a script used for my next talk.
At the same time, dont think you cant use it for whatever
you are pursuing in your life too; a slimmer body, a pay raise, a career change
and meeting the love of your life.

Re-read the points above and insert whatever arena you want
to thrive in – your office, your home, the internet and so on.

If you can visualize yourself in a 3D setting, in an observer mode, creating
the life you want — then the world can be YOUR oyster.

All you need to do is start practicing and it will soon become second nature.

Now let’s go out and make it happen.


Vince Palko

Ps. If you are interested in seeing the Palkoholic tour bus
stop in your city and speak about the Power of Imagination to
Improve Your Performance or Your Business Performance,
send an email to and my assistant, Cindy, will take it from there.

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