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Why Winter Walks in the Wild

Hey you,

The winter cold has set in
and so have my winter walks.

I feel for my brother who lives in Jacksonville,
Florida. He moved there several years ago.

The first few years he would said he DID NOT MISSS
the change of seasons AT ALL. Lately, I believe he
has changed his tune. Thats what 90 degree heat
does to you year round. Its gets to yer head.

Aint nuthing like the feeling of leaving a warm house
to venture out into the cold night air for a brisk walk.

I am huge into contrasting hydro-therapy. That is using
hot and cold water temperatures to heal the body.
I have done so to heal thigh contusions, sprained
knees, torn up elbows and so on. You can use
contrasting air temperatures as well.

What happens is you awaken the cells in your body with
drastic changes of temperature.
This keeps them alert, young and peppy.

And the higher the contrast in temp the better.

The fins jump from cold lakes to hot springs. And they
have one of they have one of the largest
longevity pockets on earth.

So instead of curling up by the warm
fire this year, do something different. Get bundled up
and go out into the midnight cool air.


Doesnt get any better.

Before you do, make sure to get a quick ten minute
workout in with Linebacker Fitness.
Once you are revved up warm, the cold contrast will feel amazing.
After about 10 to 20 minutes outside
return to the homestead and hop into a warm shower.

You will have completed one set of the Palko Polar Bear health formula.

Hot – from the workout.
Cold – from the night air.
Hot – from the shower.

and we could go one step further
Cold – from standing in a cold bathroom naked – hah.

“Wowsers,” is what you’ll be saying when toweling off.

Does NOT get any better.

Unleash you!

Vince Palko

Ps. Want to fire up your energy reserves this holiday
season to stay up with the hustle and bustle, make sure to
grab up a complete set of Triple Your Endurance NOW …

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