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Wipe My Butt

Creating my new biz has brought tons of satisfaction
and am loving every minute of it.

Yet, something happened this morning
that I’m still shaking my head about.
And might be something to watch out for in the future.

I chose to watch the girls this morning while Cheri
went to a summer class at the University.
Instead of getting a sitter like she typically does,
I volunteered to help. A fringe benefit I get for being on my own.

Didnt like the fact that the Palko Pink Trio (my girls)
had a horrible encounter with the sitter the last time around.

So there I am talking on the phone to Bill, one of my clients,
when all the sudden I heard blood curdling screams from
the other room. My five year-old, Sophia, was shouting for me.
You would have thought she cut off her leg.




“Excuse me Bill, can you hold a sec.” I asked.

“No problem.”

I proceeded to cover the phone’s microphone
with my hand as I tended to Sophia’s request as
she sat high on the throne in the bathroom.

“What is it Sophia.”

“DAD, can you wipe my BUTT?” she asked.


“NO, I’m on the phone. YOU have to do it yourself.”

After putting the phone back up to my ear,
I realized trying to cover up the microphone DID NOT work.

Bill was laughing his ace off.

He had heard everything.

“Yeah, there is no limit to my multi-tasking abilities these days, Bill.” I shot back.

I knew today would be a full schedule managing work
and home. So upon arising with the warm sun I created an
ENERGY infusing routine by implementing what I teach in
Triple Your Endurance.

You too might be interested in this, especially if your schedule is
one thing right after the ot — running here and there.

Knowing these secrets will transform how
much you get done during the day. The energy
generated spills over into the night allowing
time for other activities you enjoy.

By visiting this link here and NOW you can
learn more on the subject of Energy Increase.

Unleash You,

Vince Palko

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