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You are my fantasy

You are my fantasy

I slipped on the blades for the first time in a looong time and
headed for the bike path the other day.

Got about a half mile in and came to the first stop light.
Popped down for some patented Palko Pike
pushups. Will explain those another time.

When I finished and returned to my feet, at that exact moment, the light to cross turned green.

Watching from the other side were two women.

“You are my fantasy,” one of the heavier of the two whispered as our paths crossed.

I was caught off guard for a few. And no, she wasnt hitting on me.

Then I understood and shouted over my shoulder, “Set your goals higher than that.”

So many times people set their dreams and visions too low.
If you are going to aim, shoot for the moon, so if you fall, you fall with the stars.

The second item I want to comment on is this …
dont give your power away to people.

This woman has the ability to be fit, healthy and happy.
Thousands of people turn their lives around and become slim
and trim. And the word fantasy has NOTHING to do with it!

I just saw a good friend who lost 20 lbs since Christmas. Thats 20 lbs
in 3 months. Fantastic.

When I asked him how he lost it, he told me it took his
favorite pair of pants in the closet to not fit properly -
not even close- for him to lose it and say, enough is enough.

Run your own race. Compare yourself to no one.

You can acknowledge someone else’s fitness level by silently saying,
that’s gonna be me sometime soon.

Sometimes I do this when I see someone in an older age
bracket who is fit and spry.  I whisper to myself; thats me at
age 64, that’s me at age 75, and so on.

However, keep it to yourself. And watch how
you grow younger and younger everyday.


Vince Palko

P.S. For a program that will cut the weight and
turn back the clock with each revolution, check out …


To Vince!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
Your message today is just what I needed to see the truth again!
I have given my power away to my husband and was
feeling sorry for myself.  I used to be a duathlete before my
3 children and I was ready to give up ever getting back to
something that gives me joie de vivre.  It might not be this year that
I race again but I will get back to being the person that I love to be.

You are a blessing!  Keep up the fantastic work!


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