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You Owe Yourself

Was at a local sporting goods store (the name I won’t reveal
because it will alert the ‘Yammy’ filters) the other day checking out
a big pile of exercise clothing.

Rewarding myself with fitness and sports equipment for hitting
a goal — I always do it when I achieve success.

I also like to get new books, tapes and DVDs that
support my intention to
get and stay in Stallion-like condition.

Anyway, while in the check out line a young boy rang my stuff up.

He was a tall, wiry lad with a pushed in face. When I looked at him I noticed he had
a ‘lazy’ eye that looked off into another direction.

I sensed there was something a bit off about him from the start
but couldn’t pick up on his energy exactly.

He had just rang up one of the last items and then it happened.
Like a lightning bolt out of the blue, his managers comment seemed to
up root his gentle ego.

She said, ‘How’s the first day finishing up.’

‘Ahhh, Okaeey,’ his voice cracked. Then as soon as the question
was answered he began fumbling my items.

Oooh, so he’s a newbie. That’s what I sensed initially.

From the outside lookin in, it seemed the manager gave him a
sliver of kryptonite and tore his shroud of confidence
because the cat was out of the bag that it was his first day.

‘Sir, ahh, I’m going to have to re-ring all your stuff.’

At this point, clearly his nervousness was getting the best of him,
he bobbled my clothes and hangers.
The more he hurried, the more he dropped items and took him a
couple triggers on the scanner thingy.
It was getting a bit out of hand – so I
suggested, ‘Dude, take yer time. I’m in no rush.’

‘Ahh, thanks – man…. you’d be surprised how many people
were pissed off today cause they were in a hurry and I wasn’t ringin their
stuff up fast enough.’

‘Well, I don’t think they’d want you to ring an item twice accidentally would they
- because you’re rushing. Besides, who cares what they think of
you anyway. As long as you get the job done.’ I exclaimed.

‘Yeah, you’re right.’

So many young people try and impress folks and want to be liked.
In this case, a college kid sacrificed peace of mind and
relaxed harmony for approval. No thanks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand it when the clerk is distracted
by another clerk carrying on conversations- not focused on my order.
But this kid was doing a great job.

So he should care less about what others think.

The message for you is – you don’t owe anyone anything – you
owe yourself. Especially when your well being is in order.

I know it sounds selfish but if you can’t take care of number one
how do you expect to take care of those around you.

Can you imagine the stress and anxiety that will accumulate
as that young man enters adulthood. Work tob become immune
to criticism. And see yourself with kind eyes.
These two exercises we all need to strengthen – self included.

If you are interested in reading and hearting more
on this life changing message visit this page for Dr. Maltz’s wisdom.

You’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko

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to increase your energy three fold, go NOw to

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