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Your Only As Good as Your Last Workout

Many beginners want to know if its okay to celebrate after their first workout.

Some go off to McDonald’s for a breakfast sandwich or load up on things they would typically avoid. The thought is, “Hey I worked out today, I can reward myself with a TimBooty Bit or an ice cream.”

If you’ve done this, you shouldn’t feel bad. You’re not alone. In fact, many people get on the fitness train and hop off at the next stop. When they get frustrated with their health, their flab, their low energy, they hail the next train.

Truth is, there is a time and place for celebrating and it ain’t after the first workout. Or second or third.

The secret I’m about to share will unlock ultimate health and never let the unwanted weight back on.

Celebration should occur after the workout when you DON’T feel as if you need a pat on the back or a food reward.

Then and only then is when you can begin to give yourself a break in the action with a small reward here or there. That’s because you’ve had a taste of sweet success. The kind that only exercise can give you.

How will you know when you are there. Good question.

The day when you actually look forward to exercising. You look forward to planning what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. As well as recording your amazing results. Once you are in this flow, you become automatic and consistent. It feels like your are not the one doing the work, exercise and the results are doing the driving.

You sit back and go for the ride.

The key is to take very small steps and to track each step you take. This builds momentum and focus. It also heats up your metabolism due to the constant activity and sheds unwanted, ugly flab to give you a new you. My clients have found the 3E Generator in Triple Your Endurance extremely helpful for keeping themselves consistent and on top of their fitness goals. You will get it (at no extra charge to you) by investing in the Stamina Building program.

To be the healthy person you’ve always wanted, you’re only as good as your last workout.

Be a Stallion today!

Vince Palko

Ps. You don’t want to wait around to jump on the fitness train. Go here to Now Increase Your Energy before the goo gets the best of you.

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