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Vince Palko Enterprises, LLC
Vince Palko, Founder
7051 Ramblehurst Dr.
Sylvania, OH 43560


• Office Line: 419-841-3030
• Fax: 419-754-2253

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Seminars, Guest Appearances and Speaking Engagements

Vince Palko is available on a limited basis for speaking engagements for your team or organization. Vince has shared the stage with Matt Furey, Dan Kennedy, and World Champion - Dan Gable in many different marketing and success seminars.

Vince is passionate about spreading the word on enhancing mind power for peek performance.

Vince has spoke to sports teams on the subject of goal setting and visualization. Two success principles that continue to deliver outstanding results for Vince both in sports and in business.

Audience members have shared that Vince delivers a high-energy, motivational, and moving presentation.

Vince incorporates his love for drawing into his presentations. And this visual-based, interactive talk allows the information to stick within the minds of the listeners.


Speaking and Coaching Fees

To inquire about Vince Palko's fees - 1 hour, half day workshop, guest appearance, and private coaching- send email to, vince @ Please put "I want to Hire Vince for my Team" in the subject line.


Vince Palko Enterprises LLC
7051 Ramblehurst Dr.
Sylvania, OH 43560
Office Line: 419-841-3030

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