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Fitness and Health Products

Linebacker Fitness: Super Body Blitz - The ultimate cardio program that burns calories like a furnace
Linebacker Fitness: A1 Exercise Workout! - The amazing total body ten minute workout

Linebacker Conditioning Combo Special - This incredible package includes A1 Exercise Workout and Super Body Blitz - take advantage of this savings opportunity

Triple Your Endurance - Naturally boost your stamina and endurance with seven secret tips plus, a whole lot more
Triple Your Endurance -- Triathlon Training Secrets - Blow your previous personal best time outta the water with this unique program
Melt Man Boobs in 30 Days - Never be embarrassed when you take off your shirt again.
How to Lose Weight Effortlessly - Naturally and effortlessly lose weight without lifting a single weight or eating one vegetable
$27.95 FREE
The Ultimate Neighborhood Fitness Challenge- Book clubs, fantasy football leagues, block parties and now a challenge to set before your neighbors... who can exercise the most days in a month

The Ultimate InOffice Fitness Challenge- Stop throwing money "out of the window" from escalating healthcare insurance and implement a fun fitness challenge for your employees to get amazingly fit and trim



Success Products

"Underground Success Secrets"- Join Vince Palko's Success Club and Receive a New Tool Sent to Your Door each month to support your Fitness, Financial and Career Dreams...
$1 Test Drive
Gridiron Mind Power - Increase your speed, strength and "Big Play" making skills virtually overnight and impress scouts, coaches, teammates and friends with your improved performance on the gridiron.
Zero Resistance Living - Learn from the one of the masters of self improvement, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the secrets to improve your life on all levels.


Fitness Products
(co-created with Matt Furey)

1. Hindu Squat Goal Chart (24"x36") Chart your success with the Hindu Squats using visual imagery and goal achieving system $39
2. Hindu Pushups Goal Chart (24"x36") Chart your success with the Hindu Pushups using visual imagery and goal achieving system $39
3. Combat Abs Goal Chart (24"x36") Chart your success with Combat Abs using visual imagery and goal achieving system $39
Bonus Royal Court Fitness Posters Learn the three "main stays" of body weight exercises every person should know and intergrate into a daily routine $35
Bonus Magnificent Seven Fitness Poster Learn seven core building secrets that demolish crunches or traditional sit-ups $35
Bonus – Quick Start Goal Tracker CD $29
Bonus – PC Desktop Wallpaper Gallery (8 designs) $19
This ENTIRE package is regularly priced at $235


Vince Palko's Complete Fitness Collection

Linebacker Fitness, Super Body Blitz, Triple Your Endurance, Triple Your Endurance - Triathlete Edition, Combat Condition Goal Tracker Success Package, How to Lose Weight Effortlessy, Healing Through Hydrotherapy


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Visual Goal Setting Charts

"Launch Yourself to Financial Success" Financial- GT - Visual-based financial goal setting system to help you make more money
"The Smiling Universe" - Limited Edition Print - Boost confidence levels to new heights with this insipring image and CD set
Sold Out


AdToons Products

The Art of Selling Using Cartoons - Learn the psychology behind cartoons making your business more money
AdToons Single - Increase opt-ins and make more money using cartoons in your marketing material
AdToons Strip - Create a full customized cartoon strip to sell your product or service online or offline


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