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"Burns Up to 3x as Much Fat as Running at a Steady Pace without Moving More than 15 Yards!"

Get control of your weight for the first and last time.


It’s all in the way you train.

All you have to do is take a look at the bodies of long distance runners.

Pay particular attention to their chests and shoulders.

Instead of building up the heart and lungs, these obsessive runners are actually shrinking their vital organs, making them smaller and way less efficient.

At the same time they are putting incredible stress on their bone structure, damaging their knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders. They may not think this is really happening, but the bill will come due at some point, and it won’t be pretty.

Get all the cardio benefits you need in 18 minutes!

18 minutes.

I’m not kidding.

If you’re a little like me, you go to the gym.

A couple of steps inside the door and you see all kinds of people on the treadmill, elliptical machines, stair masters and other cardiac torture devices.

I have actually seen people run on the treadmill or use the stair master for two hours.

Two hours!

That is absolute, total insanity.

Your body gets zero benefits from this totally misguided approach.


My name is Vince Palko.

I’m the creator and author of the Linebacker Fitness DVD’s.

I know a little about working out.

I was a two time Hall of Fame Linebacker, and played Pro Football in Europe.

A neck injury ended my playing days.

After I introduced the first volume of Linebacker Fitness I was besieged to do more. I have a box with literally hundreds of letters asking, “When are you going to put out something else?”

I opened a new business not long ago, and I had my hands full. But I found a way to “Git 'er done!”

And by the way, Larry the Cable Guy could really benefit from both volumes 1 and 2.

I’m excited to offer my new DVD set, Linebacker Fitness Volume II: The Super Body Blitz.

Most people have never seen this kind of
cardio training before.

High level football guys have seen some of this kick ass stuff.

They know what these exercises can do for you.

But you see, there really aren’t that many high level football players.

A few thousand or so.

And most of them don’t train like this anymore, even though they should.

They lift weights, and they really shouldn’t be doing that.

I know a bunch of them who have had serious injuries in the weight room.

They have shoulders that don’t work, elbow problems, torn you name its, blown knees, it’s really a


This summer I was invited back to my alma mater to shadow a new crop of linebackers. Being on the old sod brought back a lot of good memories, but I won’t bore you with that stuff.

The second day of my visit had my brain burning. The boys were doing some of the old drills, and all this stuff came flooding back in my mind.


I hadn’t done some of these exercises in years, and I actually started to sweat watching the guys do some of the routines.

These were the exercises that gave
me my peak physical condition many years ago.

What I mean by that is I was strong enough to manhandle 300 pound lineman, and run down speed burner running backs.

Vince Palko (#30), taking a Virginia Tech tailback down with "one arm." Vince recorded 17 tackles that day versus the Hokies All-American center,
Jim Pyne.


As I replayed my memory banks another thought hit me.

None of these drills took very long.

They were high intensity, short burst movements.

We would shuffle, run, hop, and spring to develop speed, explosiveness, and power.

The movements have a lot in common with how animals move in the wild.

And animals in the wild, no matter what their size, have all those elements; speed, explosiveness, and power.

I was looking at some photos of my collegiate playing days, and all the linebackers wore the short jersey because we wanted everybody to see how cut we were.

There weren’t any beer bellies in those photos.

So enough bragging about the halcyon days.

I can hear somebody whining.

Vince, what if I never played football?

No excuse.

Anybody can do these exercises.

You don’t have to be an athlete of any kind to get rolling.

You want an alternative to super boring cardio?

I’ve got it for you.

No more exhausting two hour grinds on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

No more stairmaster.

Hit the road Jack…and don’t ya come back.

No mo no mo no mo no mo …

These exercises use large muscle groups in rhythmic and non rhythmic ways for short periods of time.

You can be completely finished in eighteen minutes.

You can do the exercises anywhere; the gym, your basement, your backyard, an open field, or a park.

The benefits of my Super Body Blitz.

You’ll build a super strong heart
You’ll double your lung capacity
High blood pressure will be reduced
Cholesterol will fall like like a 2000 pound bomb
You’ll obliterate obesity

You’ll avoid diabetes

You’ll increase your endurance
You’ll have increased energy
Your stress level will dissolve
You’ll sleep like a bear
You’ll burn calories all day long
Your love handles will disappear

You’ll get control of your weight for good











Remember, anyone can do these exercises. You don’t have to be Ray Lewis to get started.

You…yes you, can start reshaping and rebuilding your body right now.

The routines are incredible, and you can start melting fat faster than a hog on a BBQ spit.

That means you can start getting those skinny clothes out of the closet, or you can start looking for a whole new wardrobe.

Whichever way you go, people are going to notice the new you.

And it isn’t going to take two hours of daily suffering and total boredom.

Eighteen minutes.

That’s all it takes to get into super shape.

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"Hey Vince,

I gotta say, I did the 18-minute workout yesterday from the Super Body Blitz, along with a session of the Pass Sprint Drills, and it was just nasty. Left me begging for mercy. Just awesome, awesome stuff. To steal a quote from an old issue of SI, my body is sore in places I didn't even know I had places. 

This program worked muscles that have been dormant for a while. Even other programs I've used and some uphill sprinting didn't work my muscles this way. Having to quickly change direction forward, backward and laterally has exposed perhaps the weakest muscle group in my legs - my hamstrings. Because they've been underused, they've also been tight. Now I know how much stronger they'll get, and I'm pretty pumped.

I was totally gassed when I was done, but I also felt great - totally pumped up and energized. What a kickass program! I'm already recommending it to my friends who waste away hours slowly jogging and accomplishing nothing.




"Vince, It was awesome meeting you at The Get Tough Seminar last month. Your Super Body Blitz was awesome!! It took me back to my high school days. Graduating class of 1987. and some short time at Georgia Southern University. (’88-’91). I love football and your workout is just up my alley. Thanks for the great offer you presented on last nights Get Tough follow up call, but brother I want the whole enchilada my man so I am going to order it. I know it’s gonna work. I will take the steps to make it so. Thanks for your hard work and pursuit of knowledge that helps us all make ourselves like a bloodthirsty beast of an animal that is a LINEBACKER!!!!! I was an inside backer my whole career and have used that mentality to tackle the toughest problems that have faced me. And now you will help me to go pro in my future endeavors!!! Best wishes Vince,"

Nick Kalloniatis


"These exercises got me warmed up every single day before practice. They are a perfect way to rev your motor, loosen you up and burn calories at the same time. The Super Body Blitz is a great addition to my normal routine of traditional cardio - jogging, bike, etc. It is a great change of pace that has now become my standard. Vince, thanks for assembling all these into one comprehensive package that anyone can use and take advantage of."

David Bielinski


"After 14 years of coaching championship caliber football, I realize the importance of proper conditioning and warm-up of my athletes. Our players begin each practice and pre-game with the exercises Vince shows in The Super Body Blitz - DVDs. They're easy, low-impact, and can be performed using very little space. They provide our players with a good lather that enables them to perform at their best. I also use these exact same exercises in my physical education classes that I teach. In addition to warming up your muscles these exercises work every part of your body and get you fit and trim in no time flat.

I also find myself doing these exercises as well in order to stay in shape. I've never been a big fan of jogging and don't always have time to hit the gym so for me it's a great alternative. Vincent breaks down the exercise techniques in a way that makes it easy to follow and learn. Thanks Vincent for putting these exercises into as medium both athletes and non-athletes both can enjoy. I strongly encourage anyone interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle to take advantage of The Super Body Blitz- DVD set."

Chris Merritt,

Head High School Football Coach
Miami, Florida

District Champions 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, & 2007


"Vince, I really enjoyed your Super Body Blitz. It was fast and fun. There was something about the energy in the room with all the people that made it feel like football practice! I loved it! Maybe next time we can throw some balls and tackle a bit! :) I enjoyed listening to you speak. You seemed very real and sincere. You gave me chills when you got emotionally fired up!"


11 More Reasons Why You Should Be Doing
The Super Body Blitz

1) No need to listen to gender bending music from other exercise dvds.
2) No more running for hours.
3) A library full of exercises that are interchangeable.
4) Doing exercises on grass sure beats pounding your body on asphalt.
5) No time to get bored.

You’ll drop the flab faster because the new exercises get you out  of  your cardio rut.

7) The new exercises suck energy in, and keep it in.
8) There are great new warm up exercises included.
9) The 4 Cone Workout has a dozen fat blitzer exercises.
10) The shuffling, hopping, running and springing program not only melts fat, but strengthens and elongates all your core muscles,   including  your heart and lungs.

Watch in sheer amazement as your body starts changing from the very first workout

The Super Body Blitz works because it exercises whole muscle groups that are virtually untouched by other exercises.

Take a look at the picture below.

If you have ever seen a linebacker flying through the air like a superhero to make a bone crushing tackle; then you realize the strength, power and explosiveness necessary to make that happen.

Their secret, as I mentioned earlier, is the way they train.

A boss once told me, “Nobody cares how hard you work. They care about how smart you work.”

I didn’t appreciate the advice at the time.

But now I know exactly what that means.

The exact same thing is true of exercise.

It’s not how long you exercise, it’s how smart you exercise.

And in my book, being able to finish a cardio workout in 18 minutes or less is smart exercise.



Just think of what you can do with that extra ninety minutes plus per day.

That’s enough time to run a small business, read two or three books, or learn how to play the guitar, or piano.

That’s surely a better alternative to staring at the wall as you run on a treadmill.

What’s it cost Vince?

These are the exercises that made me a two time MAC defensive player of the year, a Butkus nominee, a professional player, and two time collegiate Hall of Famer.

After a long break, they put me back in tip top shape.

When I release this 3 DVD set, it’s going to go for $249.00.

But right now, I’m making you a pre-launch offer. If you act right now, I’m discounting it for the first 99 orders to $149.00.

That’s right.

But that price is only for the first 99 to lay their money down. After that, the pre launch is over, and the package goes to the regular price of $249.00.

For all you football players out there, that is a savings of $100.00.

Just kidding.

In addition to The Super Body Blitz, 'Ole Vince is throwing in some extras.

Let’s roll.


Free Gift # 1 -- Old School Strength & Conditioning Manual
Lotza youse wanted me to dust off some of my old training manuals and have me put them in book form. I don’t do any lifting anymore, but these are the workouts I did in college and as a pro. The manual even reveals my max bench press, squat, and hang clean from my freshman year.
A $57 Value!

The complete Super Body Blitz
program and bonuses
(Trophy ball not included).

Free Gift # 2 -- Winter Wonderland

Loose surface training is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. Try this amazing workout in the snow. A fluffy white blanket of snow is best. Train along with me as I have a BLAST running, diving, sprinting, shuffling in the white stuff... and ultimately feel the return of youth surge through your veins.
A $98 Value!

Free Gift # 3 -- Full Body Blitz Circuit DVD
Circuit drills are a fantastic way to get a down and dirty workout that touches every major muscle group in your body. There are 10 1-minute-fat-melting drills, and I’ll coach you through each and every one. This could be a separate course but I’m throwing it in!
A $117 Value!

$272 of Free Stuff!


Now it’s time to get up to speed and start melting the blubber! (Check out the 20 pounds of lard I dropped and the muscle I gained in just 2 months)

You need to take positive action now.

You hesitate, you lose.

Don’t wait around for your life to get better.

The exercises in the Super Body Blitz will make you a lean
mean S kickin macheen.

Not only that, but you can do it in record time.

Order now, you’ll be glad you did.


Vince Palko


P.S. Read this. It’s an email I got from someone who is enjoying the Super Body Blitz.



At 54, I thought I was past doing this stuff. But it’s the linebacker mentality that made me try. I haven’t played ball for over 35 years, but I decided to give it a shot.I took it slow, and in the first two weeks I lost 13 pounds of flubber, fat, whatever you wanna call it. I’m five weeks in and have now lost just a hair under 30 pounds. I’m beginning to think I may have abs under there somewhere. I already had to buy a new belt!

And boy do I sleep better! I used to get up 3-4-5 times a night. Not anymore. Blood pressure is down, and my energy level is way up. This is great stuff, and the workout is over before you get can get bored.”

Nui (Big) Kahuna




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