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The Palkoholic Promulgation

"As a member of Vincent Palko's community, we are committed to the cause by improving our lives step-by step, bit by bit. We believe that reason the tortiouse beat the hare is he kept moving. We as individuals never give up our pursuit and dream for excellence. We use our imagination EVERYDAY to achieve great things... higher than we ever imagined we could do.

We understand that the biggest room of all is the ROOM for improvement. Our insatiable thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and visual inspiration allows our dreams to be weaved right before their eyes. We take feedback graciously and see it as an opportunity to reflect and grow. Not as anything negative or hurtful.

Lastly, we are underdogs, people who like to go up against Goliath and WIN. We may not have the greatest abilities, talents, or smarts. Yet, we make up for it with grit, moxy, determination, and drive... We never get enough inspirational energy sent our way."



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