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"How to Create Total Self Confidence 10X Over
and Laugh in the Face of Criticism"


Warning: Highly graphic material, do not read if you have a weak stomach.


Dear Friend,

Over the course of my football career, I split my nose open 15 times (at least).

The term "He had a nose for the ball" never fit a linebacker better. When I hit people, my front helmet pad would come crashing down on my schnoz-ola.

Never broke my nose though - the strong Italian facial structure always stayed intact. The more I spilt it open though, the more scar tissue and cartilage would form. Leaving less and less room for my helmet to move without touching it.

After the first explosion of blood, the team Doc would stitch me up. I'd be back the next a few plays later, partially healed, and bust it again. The doc described the wound back up as sewing raw flesh. Then they brought out the metal staple gun to keep everything together. I'm not kidding.

This continued fifteen times or so over the course of my career. Talk about stickin out like a sore thumb in public.

I recall going to the ND - Michigan game my true freshman year with the staples in. It started raining. One friend said, "Quick, get Vinnie under cover, his nose is going to rust."

Going to class was embarrassing. Walking into a 50 person lecture with a huge bandage on your nose and two black eyes, was ...ahh.. good character building.

Constant name calling and pokin fun from friends and acquaintances got old quickly.

After college, I hated it soo much I had rhinoplasty (can you think of a better name for this? - maybe big beek reconstruction) done to repair the bump in the bridge of my nose. I thought the University could help pay for it cause over the course of five years on the field is where the damage took place. Plus, by wearing a bandana had literally stopped the sliding in my helmet - so I wouldn't have to worry about it happening again.

Until I played pro ball overseas. The bandana didn't work. It happened again. And again.

I learned to deal with it.

Cut to the conversation in the car (with my wife) about a friend having boobie boosts. We were talking about how the patient will never be content with themselves until the feel comfotable living in their own skin - enhancements or not. It starts with healing from inside out not outside in.

“Yeah but you had a nose job once, Vinnie." Cheri said.

Well, Yes and NO.

Yes, they went in through the scar atop my nose and shaved back some of the cartilage and scar tissue. However, it wasn't like they didn't trimmed up the end of my nose to look like Michael Jackson.

And NO, because it's a mute point. Though the surgery was done several years ago, my nose is back to the way it was in college- from more bumps and cuts along the way. Nature has a way giving us the last say in how we look.

NOW though, I'm completely satified with it. It's my red badge of tenacity if you will.

And it wasn't until reading Psycho Cybernetics that I became comfortable with my personal outter and inner scars.

Reading that book then getting the FULL course for further development changed my life and the way I thought about myself. I owe my new self appreciation to Dr. Maltz and his amazing course.

I first purchased the Subliminal CDs. Then I grabbed the full course. I'd suggest getting everything in one fell swoop and save yourself money in the end. Hearing Dr. Matz's ideas combined with reading his oversize manual is extremely powerful and will have you almost instantly healed.

Save yourself 10 grand by simply purchasing Psycho Cybernetics and begin to as Dr. Maxwell Maltz says, "See yourself with kind eyes."


Vince Palko





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