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how to lose weight effortlessly

Dear Fitness Wise Friend,

Let's face it... you and I are visual in nature.

We love to look at pictures.

Our minds think in terms of pictures.

I had a woman once say to me, "Men are more visual than women."

That's pure hogsnat. This same person was an obese couch-potato.

Guess what TV is... a series of moving pictures.

And when a network strings together a series of moving pictures like this... people sit spell bound... for hours on end.

Imagine how fast people would turn off the TV if you had to read scrolling text (like movie credits) to tell the story of Sex in the City or the Sopranos, or 21 Jump Street, or ... you name it...


So back to my point about being visual.

Whether you believe you are or not... chances are -- YOU ARE.

And the images you surround yourself with either help you or hinder you in your progress no matter what lofty dream you are pursuing.

Here are a few examples of my own experience...

As a young kid my mother hung my artwork all over our dinner area. She wasnt concerned about clutter. I mean, there wasnt a free 2 inches to spare anywhere.

Though it might have had the look at feel of a kindergarten classroom than a place of eating... she was programming me for success. She treated each one like a young Michelangelo masterpiece.

Come a few years later and I am one of the TOP TIER highest paid professionals in the whole art world. Thats why they call me the Godfather of Cartoons. Because my skills not only pay the bills... they pay for my thrills which come pretty easy these days.

Also, growing up... my bedroom, had images of all my favorite athletes on the wall. Every centimeter was filled. I dreamt about being a champion when I'd look at these. And dream I did of playing at the highest level.

Huh. Interesting, this may sound like braggin' and maybe it is. But I have a truck load of accolades, trophies, plaques, rings, specialty coins and watches awarded to me for my level of play in sports through the years.

Last example of the POWER of a success visual... while other friends and family let there bodies go to seed, I am still in butt kickin' shape.

And I owe 87% to how I program my mind using visuals in my home. After stopping to figure out my own process and how its worked for me in fitness ... I formed a toolkit for YOU to take advantage of.

This toolkit was discussed in depth with Dr. Vince last month. 'Twas the best interaction recorded on the matter you will ever find.

This same Audio CD and Toolkit I am making available to you for NO Cost. Yeppers, you heard it correct. The same kit Dr. Vince thought was worth $199 or more.

You pay the shipping and I will send it to you because I want to see you succeed more than ever before.

Be sure to jump fast, I have limited the number of the free sets to 208. So you MUST ACT NOW... You dont want to wait on this one.

Bottom line: This system will program your subconscious mind to activate your Fat Burning mechanism within.


A Virtually Free Investment in Your Health

Again, this gift is absolutely Free. All you do is pay shipping. And it will arrive on your doorstep ready for you to pull out and use immediately.

What this Fitness Tool is NOT!

1) A boring goal writing program
2) Something you have seen before
3) An unproven, tested system
4) A program you have to lift a finger to execute
5) A system that is difficult to navigate or understand
6) Something ONLY the super focused and organized can capitalize on


So jump on this offer NOW and drop the weight that's been holding you back!


Vince Palko


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