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"How to quickly SCULPT your arms, abs, chest and back while radically reducing your body fat in 9.5 minutes a day with this secret exercise gizmo"

Frankly, up until this point, it doesn't matter how you got outta shape! I've been there too. All you want NOW is the best solution to give you the quickest, easiest weight loss results with as little pain as possible AND without sacrificing the foods you enjoy. Am I Right?

Well, let me pull back the curtain on an elite group of world class athletes who have an unusual way of training to give you the fastest results possible. The secrets I will reveal are of an elite group called, "linebackers."

Linebackers are mega fit. They're the meanest, nastiest, toughest, most powerful players on the field.

You have people like Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Nick Buoniconti, Tommy Nobis, Mike Singletary, Mike Curtis, and Lawrence Taylor. People who watch football know these guys are lean, mean, powerful, fast, and they are strong! They have all the attributes an athlete wants or any person wants to have.

I myself am a linebacker. Just like the Marines, once in - you are a lifetime member.

Hi, my name is Vince Palko, and I played football for 15 years, amassing 8 championship rings along the way. I never played on a losing team in my entire career, from gradeschool, to high school, to college and to the European pro circuit. I'm enshrined in both my high school and college hall of fame. I was nominated for the Dick Butkus Award, with the likes of Ray Lewis in 1994, one of the highest honors in college football.

Growing up, every Sunday you would have found me in front of the television watching one of my heroes making a quarterback eat dirt, or sending a famous running back to the sideline after making a bone crushing, brain rattling tackle.

Linebackers have the strength to take on guys twice their size (360 lb offensive lineman) and nimble enough to run down lightning speed guys (running backs).

The key to all this strength and agility I possessed was alot of training instruction. I received tremendous training insights over the years from coaches and first rate trainers from sea to shining sea and abroad.

Now I am going to teach you the secrets I use and other linebackers used to get in incredible shape. There is one exercise that when I show it to you and show you how to do it. You are going to be blown away.

This secret exercise is equal to 30 minutes of running.

It burns fat off your body so fast, you are going to think someone showed up with a Ginsu knife and carved it right off your body.

Consider this, you work too many hours, you spend too much time sitting in the office, in your car, and in front of your television and computer.

You’re paying a heavy price.

Does this sound familiar?

Fat sneaks up on you like a thief in the dark and starts making stealthy deposits. At first, you don’t even notice.

Your collar starts getting a little tight. You let the belt out a loop…then two loops, and pretty soon what was once flat and strong… is now wobbly and wrong.

You women know what I’m talking about too. You have a safety pin holding your skirt up because you can’t button it, you’re wearing big, bulky sweaters, and you think that black clothing gives you a slim look.

You really don’t like the way you look or feel, and you’d like to get that wedding picture look back.

You want to workout; you tell yourself you have to get back to the gym, you have to start running again, you have to start watching what you eat…you know the drill.

But you don’t have two hours to go the gym, you don’t have two hours to run, and the fat keeps making a deposit in the dark of night just like the train that is always on time.

If it all sounds familiar…it’s because I’ve been there too, and I was a world class athlete.

Yeah… it happens to us as well.

ow I Went From Fat To Fit In Record Time

A Flabby Vince with Zero Tone Before Linebacker Fitness

2 jobs, 3 kids, and too much of a good thing, (pasta, pizza, and malt beverages), took its toll on me, and pretty soon I was ready to get my official Slouch Potato Card.

A few years ago I was cleaning out a room in the basement, and I found my secret weight loss weapon. I had used it religiously for over 15 years to stay in world class shape on the field, and when I stopped playing and coaching, I stopped doing it. For some inexplicable reason I stopped doing what got me to the top, what gave me an edge at each and every level I played at.

I never had the most talent; I was never the most gifted athlete on the field. But what I did have was a singular devotion to training hard, and this Secret Weight Loss Weapon was the first thing I did every day in the summer before, during and after summer 2-a-days to gain an edge on my competition.

Lots of guys laughed at me over the years; they made fun of what I was doing, calling it a sissy workout.

Here’s the real story.

I never missed a game in over 15 years.

I didn’t get hurt.

When the whistle blew, I was on the field and nobody I ever tackled called me a “sissy.” In fact, there are a lot of guys walking around that will tell you that they never, ever, wanted to get hit by me again.

I had an epiphany right then and there. I stopped cleaning, grabbed this Secret Weight Loss Weapon and headed for the driveway. I started moving like I did some years before, and four minutes later I was completely gassed. I was completely out of breath, and my arms and legs were fried.

I went inside to my desk and wrote this on paper to make it real. Get back to my fighting weight by spending ten minutes a day with this Secret Weight Loss Weapon.

It took me 8 days to get there, but here’s the good news.

In the first week, I lost 6 pounds.

It didn’t even take a full 10 minutes for me to start sweating like a fat man at a free dance.

A couple of weeks later I had lost almost 20 pounds, and my pants were starting to fall off my butt. My abs were starting to show real definition again.

What worked for me for 15 straight years was taking me right back to where I was only a couple of seasons ago… a world class athlete.

Vince (late 30s) Using Linebacker Fitness After a Few Weeks

I Was Turning Back The Clock

6 weeks in and I had an extra spring in my step.

I was bounding up and down stairs like a young kid again.

I was coming out of a chair like a leopard bounding out of the bush.

When I went to parties, people noticed how much weight I lost.

People asked me what my secret was.

Women were hitting on me again, and thought I was their age!

Hah! I was 10 years older!

It was a great feeling, and 9.5 minutes a day was all it took.

I felt like getting back on the field again. (But only for a few minutes!)



This Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon Goes
Way Back to the Gladiator Days!

This same exercise I used produced a large number of other world-class athletes, and soldiers too. Yes, I am talking one exercise. One SINGLE exercise.

The Roman legions did it every day, when they weren’t fighting. Now as I recall, they did pretty well in battle, conquering the entire known world at the time, and losing a lot fewer men than their enemies. Hand to hand combat is much easier if you are in much better physical condition than your opponent, and thanks to this single exercise, the Romans were.

The late, great Rocky Marciano used this exercise, and he may have been the best fighter of all time. 49-0 speaks volumes, and he wasn’t fighting the bum of the month.

Wrestlers at all levels have been doing this exercise for decades.

Today, there isn’t a professional training program that I know of that doesn’t do it.

It's NOT what you are thinking...

You think you know what this muscle building, fat frying secret is. Well, I have to tell ya. It's not what you think it is.

It's not the jumping jack, though this exercise does work the entire body.

It's not hitting the heavy pad.

It's not the Nautilus machines or Hammer strength systems.

It's not running sprints in the hot sand on the beach.

It's not running stadium steps.

It's not hopping in a sauna to sweat your butt off.

It's not the exercise ball, no way.

It's not kettlebells, cow-bells or dumbbells.

It's not power bands, strength bands, or rubber bands for that matter.

This single exercise you see world class athletes doing at elite training facilities all over the country.

It’s not just footballers like me. Baseball players, soccer players, basketball players, lacrosse players, rugby players, hockey players, and track and field players are all doing it.

Bottom line, the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon works like magic.

A Full Body Workout from this Unusual
Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon

In only 10 minutes a day you can absolutely melt fat while packing on fat burning muscle.

1) You don’t have to leave your house to workout
2) You won’t waste any money on “workout” clothes
3) You won’t need new running shoes
4) You won’t get injured lifting weights
5) You’ll activate your body’s supply of HGH
6) Your bodies immune system will get much stronger
7) Your sex life will improve
8) You won’t damage any joints
9) You’ll sleep like a brick
10) You’ll be extremely flexible, and powerful



One day, I sat down and wrote, Linebacker Fitness, which is like the key to the 'weight loss kingdom' - packed full of fat blasting tips and drills anyone of any age can do. Linebacker Fitness includes how to perform the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon.

This Compact Self-Contained 'Gym'
Weighs Less than 23 Ounces and is Perfect
for a Traveling Professional

Many traveling professionals rave about Linebacker Fitness because when they wake up and do just ten-fifteen minutes of the exercise, they are ready for a shower and to start their day off with a BANG. Anybody can do this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon; men, women, teenagers and young kids.

There isn’t any age limit, either. I’ve seen some grandpa’s and grandma’s do it as well, and they look 10-15 years younger than their actual age.

They don’t drag around any medications, and they lead extremely productive lives. They have the linebacker mentality, they make decisions, they move forward, they don’t care about being knocked down, because they get right back up and pursue their goals no matter what.

They know that being lean and mean adds years to your life.

It puts a sparkle in your smile, and gives you a confidence others only dream about.

Oh…and if your kids are being called "Fatty, Chubs, or Lardass," this program will take care of that in weeks.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In Linebacker Fitness:

  • Step by step instructions, including where to start if you have never done this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon before
  • How to adjust this fat sculptor to fit your size
  • Learn the right surfaces to exercise on
  • Why your body will melt more fat using this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon than any other
  • Learn 3 main rope routines, perfect for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced skipping enthusiast
  • Discover 20 ways to never be bored while doing this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon
  • How you can rapidly fire up your metabolism
  • Learn an advanced exercise that doubles your metabolism, strength, and endurance in record time
  • Discover 3 super routines you can easily master
  • Learn a secret advanced system that builds unbelievable lung power and muscle strength in one exercise
  • Discover how to integrate other bodyweight exercises into Linebacker Fitness for maximum muscle building and conditioning

Let's take a look at some amazing feedback and results from applying Linebacker Fitness and this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon.



What's Included in the Linebacker Fitness Manual Bundle

In the Linebacker Fitness e-book manual, you’ll receive countless ways to do this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon. Complete with photos of the proper way to perform the exercises, the manual also reveals step-by-step directions, which are super easy to follow. Once you learn these, you'll be excited to know...

The ease of learning one exercise done a thousand ways can make it both simple for you and add a ton of variety so your routine never feels boring again.

All you need to do is show up with your tennis shoes, or combat boots, and most importantly, bring a towel, because the lard starts melting very, very quickly.

I’m going to offer this e-manual at a regular price of $39.95.

But I’m making a special offer to all those with a linebacker mentality. Those who shoot the gap NOW get a low, price of $29.95, including 3 first rate bonuses, which I've coined The Ultimate Fat Blasting Package:

"Ultimate Fat Blasting" Bonus #1 $39 value I’m throwing in a Special Report entitled, 43 Ways to Stoke Your Fat Blast Furnace. Yes, you need to know the right exercises, and just as important, you need to know what will motivate you to do it. In this report, I cover that and more.

"Ultimate Fat Blasting" Bonus #2 $79 value I’ll also share with you my unique method for dropping unwanted pounds package called, How to Lose Weight Effortlessly toolkit. This package comes with one audio CD and a Success Blue Print to magnetically program your subconscious mind for a slimmer YOU.

"Ultimate Fat Blasting" Bonus #3 $97 value If that isn't enough already, let me throw in one last item to torch any remaining fat that still hangs around from the first two bonuses. Let me help you set up a custom fat melting plan tailored to your daily schedule and to meet the specific goals set for yourself. You can get this and more in your Personalized Weight Loss Blue Print system.

All these bonuses totaling $215, are yours FREE!

"Hey Vince,

I gotta tell you, I got your Fat Blasting Package. I listened to the CDs. I love to write but have always hated food journals, food charts, weight loss journals, etc. BUT YOUR SYSTEMS ARE WONDERFUL! I have been using them to track my meals, my H2O intake, my exercise, and I am excited about my goals. In the past, i could only do the food journals, etc for one or two days. Your charts are so easy to use and so MOTIVATING! I can't "weight" ha, ha to fill them in. I waited to tell you until I could be sure I could stick to it.

Something about the way you have designed these tools makes them so easy to use, and yet so motivating.

Thank you for creating a product that I am excited about and can use. You may remember, I need to have more surgery, and now I am putting off the two surgeries until I reach my goal weight. And I will get there with the tools you have allowed me to get.


Rebecca J.


If you want to discover what this secret is ... the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon that tones your arms, abs, chest and entire lowerbody... the secret that melts fat in only 9.5 minutes a day and can be performed virtually anywhere- then click the "Add to Cart" button below.

Keep in mind, this low, low investment of $29.95 is for the DOERS who want to get started right away. I guarantee you I’ll raise the price very soon, so don’t delay.

To your fitness success,

Vince Palko

P.S. Remember, you don't have to be a linebacker to take advantage of these muscle building and fat melting exercises. All you need to do is say, "YES" to the opportunity laid out before you and rumble that fat off once and for all! You can thank me later.




"Vince Palko's Linebacker Fitness program is a must have if you are interested in dropping unwanted pounds, increasing aerobic fitness, and increasing your energy and stamina in 15 - 20 minutes a day. This work out is simple to learn, fast, fun, can be done literally anywhere and continue to deliver incredible results for me. I strongly recommend you buy and
apply this product immediately!"

Jim Anderson
CEO, Key-Connections Inc.


"Vince, after over 20 years as an athlete and coach, I though I knew all about this one exercise for fitness... that was until I saw Linebacker Fitness. Not only does your program make this one exercise as simple as a connect the dots, it includes exercises for endurance, coordination, and balance that I would never have thought of.

I have all of my athletes do this exercise to increase their speed and jumping ability - and doing it with your jump rope exercises makes it a heck of a lot more fun. More fun means that it's easier to stick with the training and get results. Thanks Vince for putting this program together - I highly recommend that any serious athlete, or weekend warrior invest in this course and include it in their routine as soon as possible."

Tim Kauppinen - Coach K
Author Uphill Fitness Training


"Hi Vince, Thank you for putting together Linebacker Fitness. I find it to be one of the fastest ways to get my heart rate up and whip myself back into shape in a hurry. I exercised using the 20 minute routine. The pyramid build up and phase down strategy really helped me get through the entire routine. Although I started out with an open mind, I knew that do this for 20 minutes would challenge me. I felt exhilarated but not completely winded. My legs were tingling but not "rubbery". I know it's a good exercise when I get more and more psyched the further I get into the routine. You've come up with a strategy I will stick with."

Cathy Woynarowski


"Vince, I am in awe of the types of different exercises you can do with Linebacker Fitness, but I have to admit I got a bit frustrated trying to incorporate one or two in with the regular exercise. So today, I came up with a tip to share with those who might be having the same problem:"

"After doing 290 regular exercises, I took a 5 minute break and then I worked on perfecting the one of the many variations of this exercise for 5 minutes at the slow pace. After about 30 reps, the sweat started dripping and I was nearly gassed! I kept going though, and I was able to do 142 more within 5 minutes (mainly because I had to stop and catch my breath...and because of the slow pace). I started to cool down afterwards and stretch, then I heard the linebacker within me push me to do another 5 minute round. So I practiced this by itself for the last 5 minutes at the slow pace, bringing the number up to 220 skips! I got a really good sweat in just by practicing the new variation alone.

"I remembered first getting the course and practicing the regular exercise at such a slow pace and getting a good sweat in, which is where I ended up getting this brand new tip from. 

"You've got a great program in Linebacker Fitness, Vince. Can't wait to practice this Secret Weight Loss Weapon again tomorrow!


Leia Ingram
Hyattsville, Maryland


"No longer is 'I don’t have time' an excuse not to work out. With Linebacker Fitness you can kiss long, boring cardio goodbye and get the workout of your life in minutes. And you can do it almost anywhere. Not only will it help you get the body of your dreams quicker, but you will develop focus and concentration in the process."

Najeeb Siddique


"Since getting your program Vince my energy levels are higher than ever, fat is rapidly leaving my body and my knees and ankles feel fresh after a workout.  No more running senseless miles and feeling exhausted all day afterwards.

Thanks for the great product and let me know when you launch another winner like Linebacker Fitness!  I'll be first in line! Regards,"

Chris Chada


"I really like Linebacker Fitness.  I am 60 and when I started - I used the challenging move that you indicated not to use.  I'm having a lot of fun learning something new and learning how too do this exercie at my age.  I do get a lot of looks from other people but I continue to practice and I know I will improve I can see improvement everyday.  Keep up the good work."

John P. Garcia

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