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"Yes, I want to Quickly SCULPT My Arms, Abs, Chest
and Back in only 9.5 Minutes a Day!

Plus I Want to
Accelerate My Results and
Drop Weight Even Faster...

Help Me Drop Weight Lightning Fast, Vince! Show Me All of Your Fat Blasting Tools and
Tell Me More about the Complete
Linebacker Fitness system - including the
Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon Itself!

If you made it this far with me, you may be interested in the whole Linebacker Fitness system - a complete program to shed weight lightning fast.

Check this out: along with the Linebacker Fitness Manual and Ultimate Fat Blasting Bonuses - which includes the Linebacker Fitness DVD, 43 Ways to Stoke Your Fat Blast Furnace Special Report, How to Lose Weight Effortlessly, and the Personalized Weight Loss Blue Print, for a limited time offer, you will also receive...

The Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon That
Can Be Used a Thousand Different Ways

Unlike its competitors, the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon is a top of the line product that will get you fit fast. Let me make it real simple for you. This weight loss weapon is one effective exercise that possesses at least 1000 variations. Additionally, this exercise can be adjusted in intensity and skill level so that you can reach unbelievable heights in your fitness career.

Along with the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon, you will also receive...

2 Fabulous Linebacker Fitness DVD's

In the DVDs,  I will provide basic step-by-step instruction so that you can easily perfect this Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon. You simply follow along as I stretch you and teach you a couple sure-fire workouts that will blast fat in the fastest and easiest way possible. In DVD II, called Advanced Linebacker Fitness Exercises, you will receive an additional instruction that provides even more flab busting, muscle building routines.

Not only that but ...

You Will Also Receive these Lightning Linebacker
Fitness Bonuses:

"Lightning Linebacker Fitness" Bonus #1 While supplies last, I'm throwing in a super, high quality, FREE Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon. This fat burning tool is superior to any of its kind on the market.

"Lightning Linebacker Fitness" Bonus #2 Plus, you will also receive 8 FREELinebacker Fitness Exercise Starter Cards. This 8.5" x 5.5" card deck is a great interval guide that shaves unwanted pounds fast. Everything is ready-to-use - all you have to do is pick an exercise routine, grab your Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon and start melting pounds away. Also, there are 8 different workouts to choose from and you can even create your own favorite exercise routines quickly and easily.

"Lightning Linebacker Fitness" Bonus #3 Last but not least, I’m tossing in FREE Linebacker Success Charts. These charts allow you to track your weight loss progress - as well as your workouts. I personally designed these charts to help you make progress in terms of your reps completed and your actual weight loss. You will definitely be able to see that there is a direct correlation between the two.

So to recap, you'll receive the Secret Single Weight Loss Weapon (Valued at $32), plus the Linebacker Fitness Manual (Valued at $29), the 2 Linebacker Fitness DVD's (valued at $97), and the Ultimate Fat Blasting Bonuses (valued at $215), totaling $373 - all for only $119.

Yes, the FULL Linebacker Fitness system is normally sold for $159 plus (S&H) but it can be yours now for a one-time offer of only $119.

Remember that this low, low investment of $119 is for the DOERS who want to get fit in the fastest way possible. We are talking about seeing results in just a week’s time. I guarantee you that I will raise the price very soon to $229 so don’t delay.


Vince Palko

P.S. Here's my iron clad guarantee: If you complete this program for 30 days straight, and do not see any incredible weight loss improvements, you can send the program back, no questions asked. Period!



Here's more proof...

Shane Doll on the
cover of Personal Fitness Professional Magazine

"I’ve been incorporating some similar routines into my client’s workouts for years but Linebacker Fitness totally blew me away. I never imagined there could be so many different ways to work with this one exercise. I’ve found very few exercises that can build anaerobic power and metabolic endurance like what is taught in Linebacker Fitness. If you’re serious about transforming your body you need to get this program. The exercise manual and charts have been great tools that provide instruction and accountability for my clients. I’m all about results. When it comes to the personal training in my studios my name and professional credibility depend on it. I loved the program so much I’ll be introducing Linebacker Fitness to all my trainers and clients."

Shane Doll, CSCS, CPT
Founder, Shaping Concepts Fitness Training Studios




60 year-young looks better than most 30 year-olds

Henrique Nolasco

"In September of last year (with a weight of 194 lbs at 6' and over 37" of waist), I decided to change my diet rather drastically (not in quantity but in quality), as I reduced my intake of rice, pasta, bread and potatoes, and threw my snacks and chocolates out of the window. I ate meat, fish, poultry, with salads or veggies, plus lots of fruit and water.

I noticed that in a couple of weeks, before the end of September, that I started to feel better and that set me in the correct path. On October 1st, I started my program, a mix of Bodyweight exercises with Linebacker Fitness, (weighing 189 lbs. with a 37" waist), and with a goal of reaching 176 lbs. of weight and a 34" waist.

I ended all my daily routines with this exercise at least 5 times a week, sometimes up to 7.  I started doing 250 reps (5 x 50) and pretty soon started cranking up the reps, mostly with the basic steps. In a few weeks time, I was doing 1500. After that 2000. And now 3000 reps and sporting a 6-pack, something I don't remember seeing for the past 30 years.

By the way, I'm going to be 60 years "young" in April. I'm healthy, fit and my energy level is pretty high and folks, please believe me when I say that this single exercise is much easier than it looks and infinitely more forgiving on your tendons than middle to long distance running.  And that is, mainly, from 3 months of consistent exercising. I must say that I have never let my body go completely, as I have always exercised, in one form or other, although I have weighed over 210 lbs."

Henrique Nolasco
Macau, Macau


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