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Introducing: Gridiron Mind Power, the Ultimate in Sports Psychology for Football

Is It Really Possible To Go from “Average” to
“Outstanding” In Football WITHOUT Improving Your 40 Time, Training All Day Long or Injecting a Drop of Deca or Dianabol?

The answer is YES – So keep reading to discover how this UNtalented high school footballer went from riding the bench to a standout pro using the same secret employed by Jim Brown, Peyton Manning, and the Miami Dolphins during their undefeated season...

Dear Future Standout Football Athlete,

You’ve heard from your coaches that “90% of the game of football is won from the eye-brows up.”

But how many players really know the secret to “mind power” ...the kind that actually produces results on the field and on the scoreboard?

Maybe you wonder why you don’t seem to make big plays like other players on ESPN’s highlight reel each week. You train just as hard. You practice harder than 80 percent of their teammates.
Yet, you seem to spin your wheels and stay average.

The million-dollar-signing-bonus question is: Do YOU know how to strengthen the most important muscle on your body?

Hi, my name is Vince Palko and I’m enshrined in my high school, St. Vincent - St. Mary Hall of Fame as well as my college, Bowling Green State University.

Funny thing is, I never had the fastest forty...I had a credit card vertical leap... and my bench press was average. Yet I was able to get a college scholarship by using an unusual system of mind power that catapulted my performance - despite my lack of natural ability.

I became interested in this system after hearing Jim Brown speak about how he and his teammates ran every play in their minds on Saturday night, before a game.

Later, Brown’s opinion was seconded by a majority of the Miami Dolphins, during their undefeated season.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to meet and listen to the legendary Dan Gable, a three time NCAA wrestling champion, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and the coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes, who won 15 NCAA titles in 20 years. Gable said this, “By the time I won my first championship, I had already wrestled that match over a thousand times in my basement.”

From a No-Name to “Two-Time Hall of Fame”

I remember back to sophomore year in high school when my nickname was “Wheels.” My
teammates sarcastically called me this because I had NO wheels. I played tight end and when I’d
catch a pass and run to the end zone, no matter how much of a lead step I had on my defender, every time, that player would run me down and tackle me.

However, right around that time, I began practicing some unusual mind-programming drills. The results were astonishing:

The next year as a junior, I was starting at middle linebacker, and my team won state. The following year I was recognized by some Division I schools. I selected Bowling Green State University on a full scholarship.

And the more and more I honed and perfected this pre-game mind drill. Before I knew it, I started as a freshman linebacker alongside a senior linebacker. That first year I helped the team to a MAC championship and we upset Fresno State in the California Raison bowl. We won another championship the following year – so we were Back-to Back champs.

By the time of my senior year I was nominated for the Butkus award with guys like
Ray Lewis
. Graduating from Bowling Green I had amassed the most tackles in schools
history and still hold that record.

My point is this … the player who longed to be on the field and not riding the pine on JV back in high school never had the most talent in the world. In fact, being that I was slow, I never got picked up by the NFL. My slow 40-time came back and bit me in the ass.

And as one Cleveland pro scout said, “Vince is a guy who makes plays a guy his size and speed shouldn’t be making – yet he is still making them.”

What this scout is describing was Gridiron Mind Power. My fastest time in the forty was a 4.81
which is turtle slow as you know. However, I am still the record holder for total tackles in BGSUs

How can this be?

Gridiron Mind Power.

Although I never got a shot in the NFL, I did play professionally overseas in Hamburg, Germany.
A few years passed and I hung up the cleats up. Shortly after I was selected into my high
school’s hall of fame - gracing the walls of St. V with guys like Lebron James. Then I got a call from my college – turns out I was getting into BGSU's hall of fame too.

A Meeting Between David and Goliath

In the last couple of years, I’ve selected a few high school and college football teams and taught
them Gridiron Mind Power. And the results they experienced were phenomenal. Let me tell you about my alma mater Bowling Greens experience. I have spoken to the team at various times dating to back to when Urban Meyer (Florida’s current head coach) turned the Bowling Green program around in 2001.

Last fall, I was invited to do a Gridiron Mind Power workshop with their players. It was the first
game of the season and they were set to play Minnesota - a Big Ten team. I had only one hour
and did the best I could.

Now a MAC school going up against big ten teams is like David going up against Goliath. Minnesota gets better recruits, they have better facilities to train, exercise, eat and practice. The game should not have been close.

Sports Psychology for Football
Vince Palko's Teaches Gridiron Mind Power to the BGSU Falcons

However, I was at a family gathering that night when someone shared the news, “Hey, Bowling
Green upset Minnesota!"

The next morning one headline read:

“Bowling Green Hangs On To Beat Minnesota
In Overtime Thriller”

I grinned to myself.

That following Monday, I went out to the field house and ran into Dyrall Briggs before his team
meeting started. Here's what he said:

"What you taught us was awesome! It really helped ALL of us. I've done visualization exercises in the past but nothing like Gridiron Mind Power. Thanks for taking the time to teach it – now I can perfect it and use it the rest of my career.”
  Dyrall Briggs – Defensive end, BGSU

Dyrall Briggs after winning Super Bowl XLV - 2011

And then I received an email from coach Ward the following day:

“Thanks Vince for all your help. I know on the defensive side of the ball, we had 18-24 guys who practiced Gridiron Mind Power Friday night. I think we should have done it again at halftime.”
  Mike Ward – Defensive Coordinator, BGSU

What’s the Biggest Room in the World?

Bottom line: Here is what I know about stand out athletes just like Dyrall.
They never stop learning. My head coach in college used to say, “What’s the biggest room in the world? The room for improvement.

So if you are interested in improving your mind to ratchet up your play on the field, here is what
I’ve got for you … that exact coaching session taught to the Falcons on that warm day in September. The filmed copy has been captured in High Definition DVD entitled, “Gridiron Mind Power.” This DVD allows you to listen and practice along with the EXACT same exercises the Falcons used to upset Minnesota.

This process will transform YOU into a heat-seeking missile tracking down a running back. Or if you play offense – this system will transform you into ESPN highlight material week in and week out.

How to drastically improve your athletic performance on the field and stand out in the eyes of your fans, coaches, teammates and college and pro scouts.

Here is what you can expect once you practice the DVD’s. You will:

How to go from “average” player to “good” and “great” player to “amazing”.
Program your mind for top performance week in and week out.
Program your mind for motivation to play all season long, game after game.
Execute effortlessly on Game Day using the Jedi Force that exists in your own mind.
Reduce mental mistakes by 45 percent which will lead to more big plays – half of success
is being in the right position
Increase stamina and efficiency by a WHOPPING 258%
Increase muscular endurance monumentally with simple twists and turns of your upper body
Skyrocket your mental toughness
Quadruple your reflex speed and cut your reaction time by 75%.
Learn how to deprogram your mind after making a huge mistake and boost your
confidence by following this one exercise (no more depending on your teammates to lift you)
Become the team leader others look up to for insight and direction
Gain two tenths of a second without actually running faster or training any harder
Increase your confidence at the beginning of the game to start faster than any other

What Arrives in Your Success Package

When your package arrives in the mail, you will have the DVD of exactly what I resented to the Bowling Green Falcons before they upset the Big Ten Minnesota Gophers. On top of that, you’ll receive a bonus DVD of me revealing key success elements to be a hall of fame athlete.

Who this program is NOT for:
The know-it-all athlete who believes he has everything he needs to be a stand out player.
The whiner and complainer who believes the power for him to succeed rests outside himself.
The player who thinks that success comes from only hard work.

This program IS for YOU if:
You're a college player looking to go pro
You want to make sure you have that extra edge every scout looks for
You want to play at peak performance levels - especially when it really counts
You're a coach on the college and pro level who wants a simple way to
communicate a success system to their team on a broad scale.

How Many MORE Big Plays Could You Make Knowing
This Secret Sports Psychology for Football

Let me ask you a couple of questions. How many more tackles could you make… How many more touchdowns could you score … If you understood Gridiron Mind Power?

What value would you put on separating your level of play with that of the rest of the 21 players on the field? Who would recognize you? Maybe a college scout, a pro scout that otherwise would have overlooked you while on their recruiting visit?

If you take the average signing bonus of professional athletes or the ability to receive a full
scholarship – what would that be worth to you?

There are many speed and performance coaches on the market that get paid $500 dollar an hour
to train individual players – and they even get a percent of the signing bonus.

Now how much would it be worth to learn a self-directed system that’ll be with you the rest of your career… would that be worth $1,000, $2,000 or maybe $3,000?

Well, you won't have to invest even close to that. If you act immediately I am going release this
amazing program for only $97.

And I’ve added a few items to sweeten the pot!

Bonus, Bonus, Bonuses - Baby!

Mega Bonus # One: Super Success Tracker – This mini mind focusing tool will enhance your performance on the field right before each game. A value of $37 – yours free.

Mega Bonus # Two: The Secret To Mental Toughness - Learn the secret to have mental toughness of Mike Singeltary or Dick Butkus so you can stay calm in the face of adversity and ultimately lead your teammates through any challenge and come out on top.

Mega Bonus # Three: (This one is a SECRET – you'll just have to wait and see!)

A total value of $59 – yours free! (While supplies last)

All the FREE bonuses totaling $141 come with the package – just for giving this package
a test drive. Yes, that’s right the total amount you owe for this package is only $238
$97… and I am not gonna stop there… for a limited time only, I’ll let you test drive the
entire program for FREE. Yes, you simply pay for shipping and handling and that’s it.
We won’t bill your credit card for a full 30 days.

Let me share with you what is about to happen after you click the ADD TO CART BUTTON. You’ll be directed to a screen that will gather your shipping and handling payment. And in the next 48 hours, your order will be processed and shipped. That means in as fast as 7 to 10 days your package will arrive by post. You tear open the thick cardboard envelope pulling out your DVDs. Within a week...things will start to happen.

You’ll leave your teammates scratching their heads in amazement when you make big play after big play… and no one will know your secret. Or you may choose to share it. I’ll leave that up to you.

In either case, I look forward to hearing how the system improved your performance.

Lastly, I personally guarantee that if for whatever reason… if you’re unsatisfied and you don’t feel like your performance on the field has improved as a direct result of applying this system, then I will fully refund your money. No questions asked!

You have nothing to lose. Let Gridiron Mind Power catapult you to the pro bowl, to the college or your dreams, or to the state championship. Your choice.

To your success,

Vince Palko

The Gridiron Mind Power Coach

P.S. Use Gridiron Mind Power to program your mind into a fierce Big Play guy. If you want more
success right now, and in the future – make sure to pick up a copy of this sports psychology for football information. We have printed only 197 sets and after that – this information will be pulled off the market.

P.P.S. Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Peyton Manning all use mind-enhancing techniques to
program their minds for success in their respective field. It's time for you to step up to their
level… you have absolutely nothing to lose with this offer


Retail Price $97 On Sale Only $79



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