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"Gridiron Mind Power Coaching Program"

How to Go from “Average” to “Outstanding” In Football Virtually Overnight without Improving Your 40 Time, Lifting ALLLL Day Long or Injecting a Drop of Roids!!

Vince Palko revealing Gridiron Mind Power™ to the entire Bowling Green State University squad
before they traveled to Minnesota and upset the Big Ten Gofers on their home turf in 2007.


Vince's coaching is based on 20 years of applying the material and the book Gridiron Mind Power

Dear Parent or Athlete,

I’ve had the great fortune of interacting with hundreds of players just like your son over the last several years in a private Gridiron Mind Power™ meeting. What is this you may be wondering? Well, I share with groups secrets of how I once “rode the pine” not playing JV in high school to becoming a high-level athlete inducted into my college Hall of Fame - saving my parents about $55k plus from a full scholarship.

I also share with them how they can take their current abilities and transform them into a whole new vehicle, like exchanging a Buick for a Ferrari. The simple reason is ... 90% of the football is won from the eye brows up!

Not sure how many times I’ve heard this above phrase tossed around by coaches in my career. However, I do know how true this was. If ever I was ill prepared (mentally) for a game, I stunk. When I was rip-roaring ready to go physically AND mentally, look out - I could NOT BE STOPPED!

Being mentally prepared for battle each week is one of the biggest challenges for young men. That is why its so important to have that “16 ounce muscle” between your ears honed in and ready to go before that first snap every game. My Gridiron Mind Power program will help your son do just that. I know this because not only have I applied these principles for over 25 years, I’ve been coaching young men for the last 5 years now. And some past clients and coaches refer to me as the strength coach for the mind. By the way, everything I teach can be effectively integrated into your head coach’s teaching principles. Bottom line: teaching young men is what I’m most passionate about.

Vince giving a 1-hour Gridiron Mind Power presentation to 87 athletes at Christopher Columbus H.S. in Miami, FL


Give your son the edge he needs to succeed
no matter what athletic level or position.

That is why I am writing you this letter. For a limited time, I’m extending an offer to take your child under my wing and show him all the secrets I know to increase his mind power and accelerate his abilities on the gridiron in one fantastic easy to follow coaching program.

Here are just a few of the many items I’ll be covering off on my 1-hour coaching calls this season:

- Setting achievable, worthwhile goals
- Leadership - being a leader on and off the field even when the going gets tough
- How to make a BIG PLAY at least once every game
- Advanced visualization and mind power techniques
- Why it’s important to have “position” role models and peopleto emulate
- How champions handle winning and losing
- How to be mentally focused and ready for each and every game

How football athletes can utilize the skills taught on the practice field to excel in the classroom and in life!

If your son qualifies for my select group, I’ll look forward to supporting his intention to become a high level athlete on the field as well as a stand out student in the classroom.


Vince Palko

P.S. As you may or may not know, mental preparation, just like weight training or running, has to be honed and practiced. And I have passion around doing just that!

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WHO IS VINCE PALKO?: Vince Palko is a 2-Time Hall of Fame Linebacker - enshrined in both his high school, St. Vincent- St. Mary’s, and college, Bowling Green State University's, Hall of Fame for his performance on the football field. Vince, a two-time captain, was selected MAC Defensive Player of the Year in 1993 and 1994. Vince has eight championships amassed over his high school, college and european pro career. Vince is the author of Gridiron Mind Power, Tackling Life’s Problems and Linebacker Fitness. He is also a professional speaker inspiring high school and college athletes to be more and do more with raw skills and abilities. Vince’s website is He has three daughters Sophia, Georgia and Vivian all under the age of 8.

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"I wanted to say thanks alot because I went to our special place in my head the day of the game for 10 minutes and saw myself making plays and be crisp at everything I did. And I did end up getting an interception and also thanks to you helping me visualize myself making plays it helped me to earn defensive player of the week for the east side of the MAC. Thanks alot!!!!"

Keith Morgan
Defensive Back, Awarded Mac Defensive Player of Week vs. Troy
Bowling Green State University


"I have a young and inexperienced team and although we work very hard, we tend to lack mental focus leading up to a contest. Vince's program is perfect for young athletes who don't yet understand the mental part of the game. Vince took our team through a step by step visualization exercise the kids could use as a tool for contest preparation. I highly recommend Vince Palko's program for both athletes and parents who want to gain an edge in mental preparation, visualization, and focus. In our last game, we had an outside LB get a game winning interception with 30 seconds left. He told his mom he visualized it before the play. Pretty cool."

Matt Kregel
Head Football Coach
CBI Coordinator
Perrysburg High School


“I guess Gridiron Mind Power DOES work!” after running in a touchdown & throwing a touchdown - then throwing for 175 yards in the first half alone following a 1 hr presentation

Tyler Sheehan
BGSU's Defensive End


"What you taught us was awesome! It really helped ALL of us. I've done visualization exercises in the past but nothing like Gridiron Mind Power. Thanks for taking the time to teach it – now I can perfect it and use it the rest of my career.”

Diyral Briggs
BGSU's Defensive End


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