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"43 Secrets to Stoke Your
Fat Blast Furnace

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Dear Friend,

The other day I was reading an article from some fitness ‘guru’ giving great advice on the number of reps and sets of exercises to do in order to gain certain muscles and burn fat.

Although great information, this is useless if someone has no motivation to move. At the end of the day, or beginning of the day, what counts is if you are moving or not; if you are motivated to move or not. If you’re not motivated, what good would all that other information be? Well, about as useful as a car with no gasoline.

Then I began thinking of ways that I have kept myself moving through the years while friends and former football players lost the desire to stay fit. These simple yet powerful ideas kept me moving through the years and now I want to share them with you. 

That is why a few months ago, I sat down to write this collection of 43 Secrets to Stoke Your Blast Furnace. Yes, they will help you move away from the flat screen television or up from your computer chair to move your body.

So if you want ways to automatically excite yourself to move and torch the fat cells – then stop what you are doing and read this entire letter.

And if you are thinking these 43 Secrets are only for the super motivated - think again. Every morning I wake up feeling like a semi collided with me - my back and shoulders ache.

This is the result of the thousands of tackles made over the course of my career catching up with me. If these motivators convince me to get moving - as sore as I am and all - then they’ll surely work for you.

And before you know it your pants will feel a few sizes too big and your face will look like it did ten years ago.

Most people this time of year are motivated to get fit but these secrets will KEEP you motivated for a long, long time.  And way long after other people’s New Year’s resolutions dwindle.

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