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My New Year's Gift to You:

"A Secret Weight Loss Tool"

Free Fitness Teleseminar - Limited Seats Available


Dear Friend,

Perhaps there was a time in your past when you could blink and lose 10 pounds. Well, what if I could show you how to do this all over again- no matter how old or how out of shape you are right now?

Well, Christmas has arrived a couple days early here at "Planet Palko."

And a quick note before I proceed ... save the date for tomorrow night, Tuesday, December 23, 2008.

I know its last minute. However, what else were you going to do on your holiday week? Watch ‘It's a Wonderful Life’ for the 476th time?

Nah, I don't think so. The time to plan for the New Year is NOW. Let's start creating your fabulous fitness plan for 2009.

Yes, 2008 was really great.

However, 2009 is going to be fine when you get on the line Tuesday night.

Why? Well, here's what I have for you. I'm going to draw up your own blue print for success. Just like a coach scribbles out a game plan to win the Superbowl.

Just a couple years ago, I created a blue print for myself. I illustrated a picture of my future, which was; to own my own business, to race triathlons, and to lose a load of blubber around my waistline - just to name a few - and just a short while later I did ALL those things and more. The whole process stemmed from putting words into doodles on a piece of paper.

Now, I want to help you LIVE one-on-one to do the same.

And I'm not talking about writing a goal.

Don't get me wrong, your written goals are very important. But if you've written one in the past and never achieved it then maybe you need something more visually descript. Like a blue print. Reason is your mind thinks in terms of pictures, not words.

And the blue print serves as a road map to get you to your desired destination. Just like you need a map to travel from Toledo, Ohio to Jacksonville, too do you need a map to achieve your dreams.

I've been called a visionary and a fortune teller with pictures.

And when you see it all unfold on the call for you-- you'll be amazed!

Those that sign-up will receive an additional FREE GIFT: one month of my Success Rocket Ride Club package... which arrives with many valuable bonuses.

Hey, what can I say? I feel like giving!

And one last bonus for those on the call... one lucky person will have their dreams visualized in the form of a Personalized Weight Loss Blue Print right before your eyes. So run don't walk to get in line for this amazing opportunity. This call will inform and entertain you - and launch you higher and further than any of your friends or family members.

In order to be on the call, you have to click on the ADD TO CART button below.

The time is now. Seize the second. Seize this opportunity.
It may never come around again.

Hurry, we have limited lines available for this.

Let's make you look and feel fine - in 2009.



Vince Palko

P.S. All S.R.R.C. members already have a seat reserved on this call.

Author of Linebacker Fitness
Creator of Triple Your Endurance
Creator of the Success Goal Tracker




Yes, I want to take advantage of Vince's FREE Gift! I can't wait to hear how to create a Personalized Weight Loss Blue Print. I'll learn how to do so on Vince's FREE audio teleseminar. I understand I'll also receive a FREE month of Vince's Success Rocket Ride Club as an additional gift for being on the call. All this on top of the the 5 bonuses that arrive with the Success package - wow, sign me up now!

Important: After 30 days, membership in the Success Club is automatically billed every month. You are welcome to cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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